Sunday, 18 September 2011


Ok, first of all, let me apologise for my tardiness of late. I promise you, I have not forgotten about my quest... I mean, how could I?! I have, in fact, been rather quiet because, for the last 3 weeks in the run up to London Fashion Week, been holed up in London helping the insanely awesome fashion designer, Rachel Freire, out with her collection which is on display as we speak. It's funny actually. Since starting this quest, my whole life has begun to revolve around boobs, bras and nipples. Case in point, the collection I was working on for Rachel was comprised entirely of cow nipples- a byproduct of the leather industry and, usually, wasted off and thrown away... for those of you who saw #nippleocalypse hashtags all over my Twitter, THIS is why! That pic up there? Yes, that would be me with a pair of pasties I lovingly made in aid of said Nippleocalypse. Nipple pasties... with nipples on them. Anyone who knows me at all will know instantly why this appeals to me. It's just so very backwards. Perfect! These are winging their way across the Atlantic to a fantastic model who will be shooting them soon hopefully. There was a black pair as well. I love them. Anyway, I digress. More about this another time as, at this point in time, I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to tell you! Long story short, I've been away working a lot & what with the London Tattoo Convention looming (at which I will be holding a stall selling my designs), I've been well & truly snowed under with work.

So, where was I? Last time I blogged here, I went into some detail about sizing. Now, one thing has become perfectly clear since then, both via your comments (which I need to catch up on as well) and though conversations I have had with various people in person, & that is that the industry 'standard' of which I spoke is both inaccurate and outdated. So, if you will permit me a little time, this is something I intend to investigate further. I will, of course, report my findings here. I would just like to reiterate that my post was merely a compilation of information I had gleaned from a quick poke about online & in no way intended as a comprehensive resource for bra fitting! Like I said, I shall see what else I can unearth and try my best to bring us all up to speed on contemporary sizing and measuring systems. One thing is for sure, I ain't no expert... Yet ;D

Right. Next! The Quest. As it goes, it is with regret that I must inform you that I am no closer to finding the perfect bra on the mass market. Sadface. Same old problems, everywhere I go. Full cups, lace, too many layers of mesh. The list of flaws is endless. I am planning another bra mission soon so expect another pictorial update then, nipples et al. The thing that is most noteworthy here is the reference to the mass market. Step away from that for a second and you start to discover the many independent lingerie designers out there whose creations blow many (if not most) of their mass-produced counterparts' work out of the water. I briefly touched upon one such designer in an earlier entry and have a handful more that I intend to feature over time. For now though, back to my new favourite person. Karolina Laskowska is an upcoming talent specialising in conceptual, contemporary lingerie and accessory design. I may or may not have gently harassed her about this little quest of mine and she very kindly said she'd have a go at making one for me if she had a spare minute. So, I gave her my bra size & left it with her. Next thing I know, she asked me for my address so she could send me the part-finished bra to try on for size and to mark where I would like the fixtures to be. It arrived and, for a bra that I was not fitted for and that was made by someone who's only ever met me in person on two very fleeting occasions so cannot profess to be familiar with my boobs in any physical sense (ooh err!), it was unbelievably close to perfect. So, I pinned it and sent it back to be finished.

I now have the finished bra in my possession and let me say, it's amazing. All things considered, I think the girl is a genius! The bra does the job perfectly and ticks all the important boxes (sheer, black, not full cup, seamless, pretty) so you can colour me incredibly impressed! It's comfortable, incredibly well constructed, I don't spill out of it at all and it gives me a nice, natural (but well supported) shape. Best of all, the mesh she has used for the cups is sturdy yet see through enough to be exactly right for my 'must-be-able-to-see-nipples' requirements. Happyface!

Fear not though my lovelies. The quest is FAR from over. Yes, I now have 'the' bra (and, as you can see from the pic to the right, I fully approve of it), but this mission of mine exploded into something far above and beyond merely procuring one sheer, black bra. Custom made is ALWAYS my preference but in this case, I feel that I owe it to myself, and any followers that this mission has picked up along the way, to find this bra on the mass market as I am certain it exists. So, with that, I shall continue to search high and low for this elusive undergarment. Obviously any and all assistance I receive from you guys is much appreciated &, if I feel it is worthy of a special mention, it will be included in this here blog where everyone can see it!
So, on that note, let me apologise for the delay once again! I'll try and keep on top of things a little bit better. Once the tattoo con is out of the way this time next week, hopefully it'll be a lot less hectic! So, until next time, adios!

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