Sunday, 21 August 2011

Selfridges, anyone?

Today, I made a quick trip to Selfridges in London (and by quick I mean I was only in there for a total of 1hr 15mins... Shocking!) to check out their lingerie department in the vain hope that I may find the bra that will herald the end of my quest. Yes, I also went to look at shoes but that kinda goes without saying. Anyway, I digress. Selfridges lingerie department. It's nice. Very nice. Of course, I had been before but I had only ever really passed through it on my way to a different part so I decided that today was the day to have a proper look- and by a proper look, what I mean is, spend about an hour scrutinising every non-padded black bra I could find.

The first thing I see upon entering this particular department are the concessions held by familiar and notoriously luxurious (and expensive) brands such as Bordelle, Agent Provocateur and Myla. More or less everything these companies have to offer appeals to me in some way but again, as always, the bras are just not designed with the larger bust in mind! I would go as far as to say that most of the designs on offer are aimed at women no larger than a C-cup and god forbid said ladies should have any sort of over-hang if they're looking at some of the gorgeous little cupless designs! Now, practicality is the least of my concerns so, were I anatomically suited to these sorts of bras I would no doubt have drawers full of the things, but alas, I am not, and so it was with a heavy heart that I decided to proceed onwards to the more sensible designs. You have NO idea how much it pains me to use that word in reference to something I am looking for for myself.

I did have a hard time moving much further past this baby, it has to be said. Pictured to the left is the 'Bondage Angela' dress by Bordelle. At £525 before VAT, it is a little bit out of my price range so I had to make do with ogling it both on the mannequin and on the hanger and wonder whether or not the deceptively large cups would actually comfortably support these badboys *points at boobs*. In my mind, it's a perfect fit.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah. Sensible. Yawn. It wasn't long before I found a section filled with bras and pants (remember, I am English ergo pants = panties, not trousers) by Wacoal. It wasn't long before I found a few bras that looked promising but even at first glance I could see they didn't check all the boxes. Black? Yes. Underwired? Yes. 36E? Yes. Seamless? Some of them. Sheer? No. They were all see through lace. If it's see through enough, I might, MIGHT, be able to make an exception. So. What happened next? I tried three of them on.

The first of the three didn't even remain on me long enough to get its picture taken. It was useless. The size was fine but the design wasn't. The style was ok but the fabric wasn't anywhere near transparent enough and since this whole mission is based around the need for a see through bra, there was no point even humouring it. NEXT. Wacoal bra number 2! First of all, let me show you the picture of it on their website. Ignoring the fact that they only show it in the nude colour, that is the bra in question to the right. Yes, it's lace, but in person it's quite fine lace and on the hanger it certainly looked like a potential contender. Now let's see what it looks like on me shall we?!

Oh yeah now I remember one of the main reasons having bigger boobs sucks. For some godforsaken reason, all these big lingerie designers seem to think that the whole of your upper half needs to be swathed in fabric and GOD FORBID you should have any visible cleavage. Lift and separate, ladies. Lift. And. Separate. Ugh. Also, too goddamn lacy. It's not transparent enough for my requirements. Shame really because the fit was nice, the shape was lovely and the price wasn't bad either. For anyone interested in this style, it's called the 'Halo Lace seamless bra' and its product code number is 65149. Anyway. NEXT.

Next up is the 'Beyond Basic' lace underwired bra also by Wacoal (product code 855136). The fabric was nice as, even though it was also lacy, it was more sheer than the previous number and offered a bit more transparency as a result. Initial impression of this one on the hanger is that it'd probably do the job at a push. Let's see it in action then!

Yeah, the fabric is good. The shape is good. It has an opaque panel in each cup, off to the side and it has the whole lacy pattern thing going on but, as you can see, it's pretty much see through. However- and this is a big however- once again, my whole chest is covered. Not cool, Wacoal. Not cool. I do like it though, as you can probably tell from the pic.

To conclude todays foray into department store lingerie concessions, I have once again come away empty handed but I have learned that Wacoal, though not really what I'm looking for in this instance, do some nice, comfortable bras that give a really nice shape. I'd definitely consider buying their designs in future when I'm not being such a fussy madam and looking for something that, seemingly, doesn't exist!

Jesus. Who knew I could talk so much crap about bras?!


  1. Aww i'm sure you'll fine the one!

  2. The last one is pretty! Just looks more like a top than a bra o_o Good luck! x

  3. Sally- I hope so! I will not rest until I do *determined face* ;)

    Aerynn- I do like the last one but I just hate the feeling of being strapped into a full bra. All my favourites are balcony/balconette or plunge style which, contrary to what most lingerie manufacturers seem to believe, I can actually wear without falling out of them!

    Thanks ladies! x

  4. I have now, thank you sir! Another for the backup list. Seams and semi-sheer = not ideal but certainly worth considering later on when I'm tearing my hair out :D

  5. Sorry, can I just check - you are looking for a completely sheer black bra for an e cup that has no seams but lifts and seperates?

  6. Great explanation of what you are going through.... who'd a thunk it would be this much of a pain.... Bra makers of the world pay attention! Poor Paradisea cannot be the only girl who needs a slick, hip, chic support system. A young stylish lass like this needs fit, support, style and opportunity to show that real estate properly.... I know find myself interested in searching as well..... a place to make my millions perhaps?

  7. Catherine- More or less spot on but for the lift and separate bit :D I'd much prefer something that gives a little bit of cleavage really but obviously, I can make compromises in that area. The style and shape of the two I've posted pics of me wearing is good except for the fact that they're full cup and almost come up to my bloody chin! I'll have to see if I can find some pictures that better demonstrate the perfect cute and fit :D

    Anonymous- Thank you! It is a nightmare trying to find nice bras for myself at the best of times, but now that I have particular requirements it's just ridiculous! Believe me... the cogs are turning and plans are in motion for a solution to this problem, but I'm not going to give up on the existing market in the meantime. I am SURE that there must be something out there that fits the bill... it's not exactly specialist stuff! Time will tell :D

  8. Saw mention of these people on Twitter @knickersblog

    Perhaps they can offer some sort of assistance.

    You're so right, those Selfridges bras are montrous!

  9. I shall check them out, thank you! :D

    I know, right? I'd expect a sports bra to cover me that much... not a transparent lace number that's presumably meant to be sexy!

  10. My partner is in the range of 36E or F these days depending on the manufacturer's sizing. You also have to take into consideration the weight of those puppys. So while you are looking for something sheer and sexy, what do you do about the 2" width of the supporting straps? LOL

    My partner doesn't do sheer and sexy, she's more the "Old Dependable" sort since she's a nurse and has to go for comfort.

  11. I know allll about the problems caused by the weight of boobies! Though mine have never been as large as some poor women have to contend with, I can safely say that when they were FF they were uncomfortable to say the least. The straps used to dig into my shoulders terribly and I'm sure the overall burden of carrying that sort of weight around on a daily basis didn't help my existing back problem much!

    There are ways and means around ALL of these issues that can be dealt with appropriately whilst still maintaining some modicum of 'sexy' and I plan to prove this :D

    As for the 'Old dependable' style, there's no shortage of them around and if that's what your partner likes then she's well catered for! However, should she ever want to inject a bit of sexiness for whatever reason, she'll probably end up in the same boat as me!

  12. Oh the sensible bra, destroyer of my imagination. I bought a white 100% wireless bra from debenhams a little while ago (because they'd run out of the hot pink) and it's the comfiest thing ever. Except in its attempt to swamp my boobs in fabric it also smooshes them together creating mega-cleavage. Not really sure how I felt about that haha.

    I'm a very similar size to you and love looking at all the designs you're finding, keep up the good hunt because that Bordelle dress is actually to die for! :D

  13. Thanks! Glad you like what you've seen so far :D I will certainly be posting plenty more bras over the coming weeks as the quest continues! The Bordelle dress is incredible in person. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks again!

  14. My friend Ritch has pointed me in the direction of your blog, and asked me to help you. I work for Gossard.

    Size 36E, seamless and black seems to be your main points of interest. We have a new range coming out in November called "Egoboost" which ticks those boxes, not for see-through though. Its more of a lifting bra, built on a cradle to give a good cleavage.

    However, next year, we're bringing back "Glossies", which will tick all those boxes. Glossies is actually back now, but up to a D cup. This annoyed me, as I'm an F. Enough moaning on many people's parts has meant it is now being worked on so the fit is right for larger cups. It kind of looks like a material like tights, but is softer. I am looking forward to trying it myself, when they go up to a proper size!

    Whilst most of Gossard's bras are indeed padded, so not what you are looking for, the corslette that you have pictured above also made me think you may like our new Ooh La La corslette, which is available in November. It comes in Black or Ivory, the Ivory being intended for bridal markets.

    You need to be looking for our SS12 ranges to see these, which are unfortunately not available online yet.

    A photo of our lovely model at the Moda Lingerie Show, in the Corslette mentioned above, can be found here:

    Glossies is currently the profile pic on our facebook:

    I hope some of this helps you when it is available! I know how hard it is to find the right bra, being above a D cup myself.

  15. Hi Kristy!

    Thanks very much for your response! Though the Egoboost sounds like it'd be worth me checking out for other purposes, see through is the main requirement for the bra I am looking out for unfortunately! Having looked at the Gossard FB page, the Glossies number in the the main image looks more or less spot on. I shall look forward to seeing what it's like in the larger sizes! I am always somewhat skeptical when a design such as that is reworked for larger cupsizes though as, in my experience, it's usually meant turning it into a massive thing that covers almost my entire chest, much like the Wacoal ones shown above! However, I shall wait until I have see in before I decide, obviously! Either way, that's exciting news and I shall look forward to seeing it.

    Once again, many thanks for your help! Really appreciate you taking the time to comment... and thanks to Ritch as well for directing you towards my blog!

  16. I will let you know when the larger cup sizes come in for Glossies. We're working on ensuring the fit is right. Its not going to be a low plunge, but it will certainly not be a granny bra that covers everything. It will have a slight plunging neckline, because that's what most women want!

    I've just checked with the design team, and they have shown me some photos of the samples on an F cup model, and I would certainly wear it (and I HATE full cup bras - so unsexy!) Now because I know what I like and I will not I know I should be biased, but I have turned my nose up to some of my own companies designs, accept any less than that, so I'll be as honest with you as I would be myself :)

  17. That comment went all screwy! Must be my poor coffee starved brain. The second paragraph should say:

    I've just checked with the design team, and they have shown me some photos of the samples on an F cup model, and I would certainly wear it (and I HATE full cup bras - so unsexy!) Now because I know what I like and what I will not like, I will not accept any less than perfect. I know I should be biased, but I have turned my nose up to some of my own companies designs, so I'll be as honest with you as I would be myself :)

  18. That's great. Thank you! All sounds very promising indeed ;D

    If you have any catalogue pics of the Glossies line that you can link me to or email to me (paradisaea.decora[at]gmail[dot]com) and any info about it, I'd like to mention it in an upcoming entry in this blog!

    Thanks again for your input. Definitely looking forward to seeing the larger version! :D

  19. Something like these? This and this.
    I'm not sure if they go up to your size as the site looks like a mess to me, and to be honest, my French is a bit rusty. Hopefully they are of some use to you...!

  20. Yes! They're both strong contenders! You know, it's funny you should link me to these as, whilst in Selfridges, I saw Princesse TamTam for the first time & really liked some of their designs. The sizes on the shelf were all tiny though :( I shall be doing some more research into them to see what size they go up to in a little while!

    Thanks very much! :D

  21. And the fact that I rarely post comments on blogs/whatnot kinda makes it even stranger that I decided to make my monthly comment at this moment...! I feel kinda weird, haha!

    In the meantime, I happened to stumble upon this... It's not exactly what you're looking for, but looks kinda fun! The sizes on that site go up to DD, though, but who knows if they come in bigger sizes, too.

    Anyway, happy hunting! :D