Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Quest Begins!

Oh my goodness. Where to start?!

The beginning I guess. Ok. Here goes.

I'm Tea. This is me. Hi.

I have been blessed/cursed with a sizeable rack. Since reaching maturity, my chest has been as big as a 36FF and as 'small' as a 34DD. For the most part, this is ok, but it is not without its annoyances. Big boobs are all well and good, but what happens when you want to wear clothing that isn't bra-friendly? What about beachwear? What about, god forbid, wanting to look sexy in lingerie? I said sexy, not like a hooker. There is some mind-bendingly beautiful lingerie out there but it all stops at a C or D cup which is disheartening in the extreme when all you want is a nice, pretty bra for boobs that, let's face it, are not SO gargantuan that they require some sort of scaffolding-like structure to keep them aloft. My boobs may be larger than average, but not so much so that they should need that sort of special equipment!

So, what's my problem? Well. I had an idea. An idea for a look that I want to be able to sport as and when I feel like it. Long story short, said look involves a see-through bra (it's definitely not what you're thinking!). It has to be black, it has to be sheer, it has to be underwired and, ideally, I really don't want seams. A quick search online showed me that there aren't as many of these around as you might think... and when you start getting size-specific, the well dries up completely. So here I am, reaching out to you, people of the internet! Can you help me in my quest for the perfect bra? Here's the spec once more, just so you all know what it is we're hunting for here. The holy grail of bras!

- Black
- Sheer/see through
- Plain as possible
- No seams
- Underwires
- Size 36E... 36DD at a push (I'm right in between sizes)

So far, the style of bra I'm referring to has been found but it only goes up to a D. Here it is, just so you know what I'm hunting for!

See? It really is NOTHING SPECIAL. So very simple and yet, seemingly, way too much to ask for! And so, let the quest begin. Find me the perfect bra!

This is not entirely without incentive. I say incentive. I wouldn't go that far really. But anyway, once this bra is within my grasp, I shall post pictures of myself sporting said undergarment the way I picture it in my mind. So there you have it. If you care to see my boobs in this bra, or are just curious as to why the hell I want it (disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for any disappointment), then go nuts!

By way of an FYI. I would like to make it clear right now that I am not expecting anyone to buy this bra for me. I am not fishing for anything here except your assistance in locating it. ALL I want is help to find a sheer, seamless, black bra. That is all! Ok? Let's do this thing.

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